October 19, 2017


Scaffolding System

Scaffolding refers to all arrangements made to make a temporary Structure to support men, materials, and machines at heights during construction and repairing of buildings. Without Scaffolding workers would not be able to get a safe working base to carry out various related activities.

Scaffolding Systems are used for various purposes like:

  • Staging or temporary Platform
  • Provide Access to difficult to reach areas in buildings
  • Outdoor and indoor building Repairing
  • Installation of big Banners at heights
  • Carry of painting Activities

Recommended Height To Width Ratio of Scaffolding System

Height and Width ratio of scaffolding structure should be 4:1 for example for the height of  20 feet the base width should be minimum 5 feet. If the height is more than this recommended Ratio than the base of the structure should be widened or some kind of external support should be provided with the use of couplers.

Main Components of Scaffolding System

 Cuplock Standards:

Cuplock verticals are placed vertically on which load is placed. Cuplocks are popular due to its special node point connection which ensures its speedy erection/removal and provides strength to the structures. Scaffolding Cuplocks are made of either steel pipes or aluminum pipes.  Aluminum Cuplocks are lightweight but not recommended for heavy-duty usage. On other hands, steel Cuplock Standards are very strong and can be used for heavy load bearing and longer heights.


Ledgers are attached horizontally to Standards to support and make a Rigid temporary structure.  With the help of forged blades welded at both ends, ledgers are fitted in the base cups of verticals and fastened by the moving top cup. Ledgers provide stability and firmness to the structure.

Base jacks:

Base Jacks are placed below the standards in provide Base support, Stability. These Base Jacks Also Provide height adjustment due to its moving jack – Nut.

Joint pins:

Joint Pins are used to Joint two verticals for longer heights.


Couplers are usually made either of pressed steel or forged steel. These are used to join two pipes to each other in desired positions. These are also used to fix the temporary scaffolding structure to anything stable around like Walls or some pole in order to provide more stability. These are also used to join two pipes to each other in desired positions. These are very durable items and the helps the scaffolding systems to bear more load and ensure safety.

 Types of Scaffolding Systems

Single Scaffolding:

Commonly used for Brick Masonry also called Brick Layer’s Scaffolding. Single Scaffolding Used Standards, Ledgers, Putlogs etc. In this form of Scaffolding two layers of standards are used on a layer is just attached to the wall and another layer is at distance of 1.5 Meters from the first layer all the standards are attached to each other by a horizontal vertical. Putlogs are taken out of holes left in the wall and attached to ledgers with the help of ropes or wires to provide stability to the temporary structure.

Double Scaffolding:

These are also Called Manson’S Scaffolding. Walls where it is not possible to make holes the two-layered scaffolding systems are used. This Mason’s scaffolding is independent of the wall and self-standing. This System of Scaffolding can carry more load as compared to single scaffolding further this system can be made more rigid by narrowing the distance between standards by using shorter ledgers.

Suspended Scaffolding:

in this system of scaffolding, the working platform is suspended from the roof with help of ropes or chains etc. it can be adjusted to a level at which it is required. This system is used for cleaning or painting.

Steel Scaffolding:

Steel Scaffolding is made of steel tubes which are attached to each other horizontally or vertically with the use of couplers or Clamps. This system is very easy to install and has greater strength. The initial investment is high but this is economical in the long run as this system is very durable and can be reused many times.

Features of a good Scaffolding System
  • Strong and rigid to carry heavy loads
  • Easy to Install and Remove
  • Easy to Transport
  • It Should be Economical
  • It Should be Durable and Can be Reused Many times.

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